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          Welcome to the Office Smith LLC Store

          What is this store for?

          Our primary focus is to provide mind-blowingly good computer and IT support for businesses, and this store is a result of our being good at our job.  This store is aimed to address two needs our clients have:
          1. It gives a quick resource for good NEW computers at reasonable prices.  
          2. It allows the retired, wiped USED devices the opportunity of to find an extended life, keeping them out of landfills, and saving on disposal fees for our clients.  

          Easy to buy NEW computers

          Our clients trust us, that means they either delegate their hardware purchases to us completely or ask us for recommendations on a good computer.  They also frequently ask for recommendations on computers for their children, grandchildren, college students, parents, etc.  
          We love to help out, but these recommendations can be hard to narrow down, as people have different priorities, needs, preferences, and budgets.  
          We've selected certain devices that are a good value and then prioritized them by use to help make the buying process easier for our non-technical friends.  Here is what you can look for: 
          • Our EASY NUMBER comparisons:  each of the four major computer components (CPU, Memory, Graphics, Storage) are given a numeric rating so even non-technical users should be able to easily compare devices to make sure they find what they want.  The simple way that these numbers work is that the higher the easy number the better.
          • Usage type scenario:  To further assist in deciding what type of computer would meet your needs, we have categorized each device with a scenario for which it would be successful.  Of course, they all work for a myriad of purposes - flexibility is a touchstone of the computer, but if you need a quick glance of a device that will meet your needs selecting a scenario that matches your intent is a quick way to narrow your search. 
          • Quote on offsite devices:  It is true the best prices on computers are always changing.  If you know what you want from another source, we can provide you a quote on that device!  Send an email to: quotes@officesmithllc.com


          Expert Adaptable USED Computers

          For technical/home lab users, we have devices that are off-lease from our business customers for sale...

          We hope they find a happy new life in your home.  While these devices are typically 5 or more years old and have been entirely wiped.  Many of these devices have OEM OS licenses on the case, look for specifics in the product details.

          If you are technical and understand the risks of purchasing a 5 year old machine, these devices can be had for little more then the price of shipping.  We will provide a brief video of the device booting to the wipe screen to anyone that purchases one of these devices.


          Custom Assembly Available

          If you have a custom build you want us to build and ship, we will build and ship any air cooled custom build (pcpartpicker.com) for $100 assembly and testing fee.  We have the tools to test for bad components and can easily take the risk out of your custom build.

          At this time we do not offer water cooled build and testing services.



          If there is anything we can do to make things more user friendly, or otherwise improve things, just let us know!



          IT Services and Support

          If you are in the greater Phoenix area and are interested in IT services or computer support check our services page by using the link below:

          Learn more about Office Smith LLC.



          Community poll

          What are the 4 Biggest Problems Phoenix-based Engineering, Architectural, and Construction companies have with their Information Technology Systems?

          What are the 4 Biggest Problems Phoenix-based Engineering, Architectural, and Construction companies have with their Information Technology Systems?

          What is your favorite device to use?

          What is your favorite device to use?
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