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          Picture for blog post Office Smith Recommends This Router!

          Office Smith Recommends This Router!

          A recent study by FKIE has found most home routers are way behind the patching and security standards we expect from our desktop and server operating systems. Here are the TOP 5 Criticisms of Home Routers and an Entry Level Business Router Recommendation that Actually Will Keep You Safe.

          TOP 5 Astonishing Security Risks In Your Home Router 

          1. Numerous routers have passwords that are either well known or simple to crack – or else they have hard-coded credentials that users cannot change.
          2. ACI criticized router makers for not providing an auto-update mechanism to keep routers updated.
          3. Vendors are shipping firmware updates without fixing known vulnerabilities, meaning that even if a consumer installs the latest firmware from a vendor, the router would still be vulnerable
          4. FKIE concludes that router makers are significantly lagging in the delivery of security updates compared with operating system makers. 
          5. 83% were found to have vulnerabilities to potential cyberattacks, in the router firmware, with an average of 172 vulnerabilities per router, or 186 vulnerabilities per router for the identified 155 routers.

          What to do:

          If you're running a business opt out of a home router!  If you can spare a little extra change for your home router - run a small business router.  Here is the entry level one we recommend:  

          SonicWall SOHO 250



          ZDNet Article Published July 6, 2020

          The FKIE Study

          A Mirroring study by ACI (The American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research)

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