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          Picture for blog post Reports are in from some Starlink Beta testers - Services are Strong in the Rain

          Reports are in from some Starlink Beta testers - Services are Strong in the Rain

          As you know, we're following the progress of the Starlink low orbit satelite internet here at Office Smith LLC with excitement!

          We're excited about how this kind of connectivity will change the world.  Uninterrupted connectivity is what will make autopilot cars an actual possibility, close the connectivity gap for urban vs rual locals, and more easily spread ideas around the world!  

          Since our last update, beta testers have started reporting results.    Here is a quick summary of some of my favorite reports:  

          Starlink helps rual Native American Tribe in Washington State:  Personally I love the quote about how befor Starlink they had been "paddling up-river with a spoon."  https://www.pcmag.com/news/native-american-tribe-gets-early-access-to-spacexs-starlink-and-says-its


          First Responder to WA Wild Fires indicates setup of a Starlink satellite connection is 6x faster than other alternatives!  At the time the article was published pricing hadn't been released yet.  My favorite part of the article is when the first responder said in essence - "these are going in... I just need a price so I know how widely he can afford to implement."



          SpaceX Starlink Satellite Broadband Services Prove Strong in the Rain

          For an article complete with pictures of the equipment, boxes, and screen shots of speed tests, check out this article.  It also gives a link to a speed test to help you decide if your speeds would increase from Starlink.  



          The company has also released their "Better than Nothing" pricing.  It ballparked at $500 for set up and $99/month.  


          We help Phoenix area ACE companies avoid downtime and cyber threats by executing an IT strategy that ensures their business is protected, productive, and competitive.  

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