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          Picture for blog post The MOST Important Tip When Getting Rid of Old Devices

          The MOST Important Tip When Getting Rid of Old Devices

          We would like to give a great big, "I hear you" cheer to a blog Kim Komando published entitled, "Biggest Mistake People Make When Getting Rid of Old Computers" 

          She highlights an experiment conducted by Josh Frantz where he purchased 85 used devices totalling about $600 and tested them for remnants of personally identifiable information.  Shockingly 83 devices had not been properly wiped!  That is a 98% failure rate - or just for those academics out there who like to think of things as a grade - That is an F with a 2% score.  If you could earn a grade of Z then this would definitely have qualified.


          Kim goes on to provide some helpful tips on how to credibly wipe Windows PC, Macs, iPhones, Android devices and printers.  Check out her blogs for the quick how-to  https://www.komando.com/tech-tips/safely-get-rid-of-old-tech/751691/ 

          The risks are even higher for businesses, who not only have their own data to protect, but also that of their customers.  At Office Smith, we take the disposal of old devices very seriously.  Our device disk wipes start at only $20/device and are EAL 2+ Certified.  You receive a wipe that complies with US DoD, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and Armed forces standard.  Finally, true to Office Smith values, this wipe is documented with a Certificate, providing a due diligence paper trail to protect against any possible claims in the future.  

          For the month of October, we will be offering 1 free device wipe with every IT Assessment.  You're welcome, and more importantly, you're secure.  


          We help ACE companies avoid downtime and cyber threats by executing an IT strategy that ensures their business is protected, productive, and competitive!



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