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          Picture for blog post Three Big Reasons that you Should Wait Until At Least 2021 to Upgrade your PC

          Three Big Reasons that you Should Wait Until At Least 2021 to Upgrade your PC

          1.  Next Generation of Ram Memory Arrives


          Starting in 2021 we’ll begin seeing the top end computer systems including new type of RAM memory DDR5.  The performance increase should be similar to what you saw when moving from a Hard Drive to an SSD.  Most of us won’t see this in computers we purchase in 2021, but it will drive down the cost of all computers using the obsolete DDR4.

          2.  Big Breakthrough in Graphics Processing.

          Nvidia has just released their new 2020 version of video cards and they are coming into the marketplace with a price that is designed to crowd AMD out.  The new cards allows up to 8K resolution at 60 frames per second.  This is huge for a few reasons. First, the value or cost for what you’re getting on those cards is going to be a big change from what we have been paying previously.  Additionally, at 8K we are now approaching the end of video cards.  Meaning, we are approaching performance levels so high, the eye can no longer see any difference from the upgrades.  Not too long ago, computers had a card for sound.  When sound cards became so good that additional improvements couldn’t be heard, people stopped buying sound cards and just used the sound chip included on the motherboards.  I predict that within 5-10 years we'll be in the same place for motherboard video chips.

          From here, we are going to see the cost of GPU drop dramatically and unless we can come up with something that existing video cards aren’t offering, like ray tracing, new generations will no longer be able to compete on resolution, refresh, or features.  That leaves only reliability and cost as differentiators.  So, we can expect to see GPU prices go down dramatically in the near future.

           3. More Draw on Power Consumption and Heat Management 

          Faster memory, more powerful video cards, as well as, PCI 4(next gen SSD), which was recently released, all draw more power and require more cooling.  So waiting another year is going to allow motherboards and power supplies to adjust to the new normal, designing to provide for greater air flow, and higher baseline voltages.  If you buy an off the shelf computer this year, there is a good chance in two years, your power supply isn’t powerful enough to handle the higher draw, and your case may not be able to handle the additional heat. 

          While it’s always true that you’ll get more bang for your buck when it comes to technology and waiting.  It is more true then ever thanks to the recent market conditions, and the technologies that have just become available. So, whether your a local Phoenix construction company or a personal computer buyer, if you have some flexibility in time and are looking to get the most for your computer dollar, wait a little bit, we are going to see some significant savings as all these new technologies become more mainstream and computer producers like Lenovo, HP & Dell, rebalance their offerings.

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