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          Picture for blog post Why Bundle Your IT and Bookkeeping?

          Why Bundle Your IT and Bookkeeping?

          Small businesses are often expected to do everything.  They have to meet their IT, bookkeeping, janatorial services, insurance, and communication needs all the while also perfecting their actual core business and managing cash flow.  Finding the right third-party assistance can be a full-time job in itself, but once you find the right partners, your business really starts to take off - and you get some personal time back as well!

          At Office Smith LLC, we offer trustworthy and diversified services to small and medium sized businesses. Our most popular package is our combined IT Managed Services package with Bookeeping.  Here's why: 


          • Fixed cash flow meets flexible needs: 
            • You decide how many hours you need a month or week and pay for those hours.  You can then apply those hours to your desired project.  For example, you need two hours of bookkeeping a month and generally can handle the IT issues on your own.  Great - our system will allow you to subscribe to two hours/month.  During the month though, you have an IT emergency that requires support.  We'll solve the problem and you can flex your pre-paid hours to the most expensive service.  You can then decide if you want to pay the hourly rate for bookkeeping, delay service for a month, or increase your pre-paid hours going forward. 
          • Collaboration:
            • Your business services are made up of a team, who can easily contact each other, provide information and quickly solve your problems.  You bookkeeper can contact our in-house IT support and get answers to question like, "what operating system are they running?"   - You know, the stuff that you generally don't want to be bothered to figure out - how to figure out! 
            • It also comes in handy when prioritizing optimization projects.  What really does go into integrating QuickBooks with my CRM?  Or how can I custom tweak the forms we're using?


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