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          Picture for blog post What is Patch Tuesday?

          What is Patch Tuesday?

          Question:  What is Patch Tuesday

          Answer:  Patch Tuesday is Update Day.


          What Does that Mean to YOU?
          Patch Tuesday occurs on the second Tuesday of each month. It is the unofficial term given to the typical schedule Microsoft follows to release security updates and software patches. Ultimately, these are good for your computer system. You want refreshes on your Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials. The problem is patches can bring with them inconvenience and short term risk. Its a classic case of short term pain, for long term gain.
          Because Microsoft has chosen the second Tuesday of each month for updates many other software programs and developers also follow suit.  It is a good day to be aware of to reduce any unnecessary unpleasant surprises.
          Why Tuesday?   Why does it matter?
          Tuesday was chosen by Microsoft as it gives sufficient time remaining in their work week for developers to correct issues that might arise from patches. In short, it meets their business need.

            What would happen if I didn't have Office Smith LLC managing my patches? Patching is criticial to keep your computer safe from evolving security risks. But we carefully balance the need to patch with the disruption it can cause to the workday. This is an excellent article describing how Windows 10 manages patching when we aren't helping.


          What if Tuesday doesn't work for you?

          As part of our managed IT services we can delay these updates until the weekend. That allows you to complete your workweek with minimal risk of any unscheduled "technical challenges" and allows Microsoft time make corrections to the patches.  
          You don't have to be the guinea pig, but you still get the benefits of the patch.
          Currently we are offering one FREE month of managed IT Services. Learn for yourself the convenience of having someone watching over your business technology solutions. We not only manage your patch and security updates, we can maintain your system at a predictable monthly expense - NO SURPRISES. And in many cases even give you warning before your hardware fails so you can plan for any new investments.

          Yes! Reschedule my Patches

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          We'll post and send out a reminder each month.  


          Office Smith LLC helps Phoenix-based Architectural, Construction and Engineering Firms avoid downtime and cyber threats by executing an IT strategy that ensures their business is protected, productive, and competitive.  

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